Our cars have become increasingly safer over the years.  We have a host of computer-aided safety features to keep us from veering out of our lane, backing up into another vehicle, and running into the car in front of us.  34 States have passed primary seatbelt laws and airbags are now standard in most vehicles.  Technological and engineering advances have made cars safer over the last 30 years, but what about our roadways?  How safe are the roads in South Carolina?


According to www.sctransportation.com more pedestrians are killed each year on SC roads than vehicular deaths on our Interstates.  About 85% of all crashes occur on primary and secondary roads, not on interstates.  Nearly one-third of South Carolina’s primary and interstate highways are now in poor or mediocre condition and approximately half of our secondary roads are the same.  1 out of every 5 bridges in the State is considered deficient.


Poor road quality and conditions hurt or kill thousands each year in the United States.  State and Federal law requires that cities, towns, counties, etc. design, build and maintain safe roads and highways.  Several road conditions can contribute to a car accident include: confusing, damaged or missing signs, blind curves and poorly banked roads, improperly graded curves and uneven shoulders, vision obstructions caused by poor landscaping, low bridges, broken guardrails, and dangerous drop-offs.


If you have been involved in a car accident and believe that it resulted from any one of the above listed factors, give us a call!


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