The South Carolina Department of Public Safety reported 15 people were killed on South Carolina roads during the holidays. Most of these accidents occurred on U.S. routes, S.C. roads and secondary roads. 968 total deaths occurred on SC roadways in 2016. While this number is slightly down from last year (976) it is far too high.

To reduce your chances of getting in an automobile accident, watch out for standing water on roadways. When driving in fog or smoke, turn on headlamps (daytime) and on low beam at night. Always slow down for work zones to prepared for unforeseen circumstances. The equipment used is dangerous to motorists as it frequently enters the road. Steer clear of aggressive drivers. Do not ever try to “compete” with them; just let them go. If you have a tire blow out, allow your car to coast to a stop and try to get as far off the roadway as possible.

Accidents happen. If you are involved in a traffic accident there are several things you should know. You should always call law enforcement. If you have an accident, make sure to exchange information with the parties involved. Get names, addresses, phone numbers, tag numbers and driver’s license numbers. If there are witnesses, make sure to get their information too. You should take photos of the damage to your vehicle as well as of any injuries you received. If you incur injuries because of an auto accident, you should consider hiring an attorney.

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