$53,508,288 – Employees v. Employer
Employer duped/tricked employees to executing a new contract regarding their interest in the company.

$25,000,000 – negligent security/hotel premises liability
Hotel failed to stop kids from creating an unsafe environment that led to injury

$13,000,000 – fraud/breach of contract/wage payment

$7,500,000 – Tractor-Trailer Accident
This incident occurred when the commercial driver rear ended client’s vehicle while she drove down the highway. Client was severely injured as a result of professional driver’s negligence.

$5,500,000 – Products Liability
Defective Vehicle

$3,750,000 – Tractor-Trailer Accident
Insurer failed to tender policy limits of $1,000,000
Bad Faith

$3,000,000 – Commercial Driver Cotton Truck
Truck was left hanging in roadway with poor lighting and dirt covered retro-reflective/conspicuity tape

$2,350,000 – Tractor-Trailer Accident
Commercial driver lost control

$1,089,001 – Auto Accident
$1,000,001 punitive damages
$89,000 actual damages
Minimal Property Damage
DUI and Prior DUI

$950,000 – Tractor-Trailer Wreck
Client rear ended commercial vehicle whose lights were not working

$550,000 – merchandise falling off shelf
Big Box store failed to adequately protect consumers by stacking unstable, heavy objects on upper shelves

$550,000 – Tractor-Trailer Accident

$490,000 – Automobile Wreck
Failure to yield right of way

$475,000 –Tractor-Trailer Accident
Commercial driver crossed the center-line which led to my client, another commercial driver, losing control when taking evasive action in poor weather conditions.

$300,000 – Tractor-Trailer Accident

$290,000 – Tort Claim Act Defendant/Automobile Accident – Police Misconduct
Police officer left elderly client stranded and client was struck by an automobile

$275,000 – Slip and Fall on water
Roof leak at Big Box store

$250,000 – Tractor-Trailer Accident
This incident occurred when commercial driver attempted to make an unlawful backing maneuver into his private driveway.
Fortunately, client driver was able to make a strong evasive maneuver and prevented herself and loved one from more serious injury

$250,000 – Tractor-Trailer Accident
Failure to yield

$136,500 plus $100,000 house – Builder Negligence
Builder left client exposed due to water intrusion

$205,000 – Bad Faith portion of 3rd party liability case
Insurer failed to tender $25,000 policy
Insured did not cooperate with insurer
Insurer took arbitrary position that he did not have to negotiate until he received demands from all claimants

$200,000 – auto accident/ single car

$200,000 –Automobile Accident
Reckless driving

$160,000 – Tort Claim Defendant – School
School officials failed to supervise special needs students leading to an injury of another special needs student

$150,000 – trip and fall at a hair salon
Customer of hair salon fell over a basket of fruit that was poorly placed

$150,000 – 1st party bad faith
Offered to settle for $7,500 and received a $25,000 verdict

$150,000 – Tort Claim Defendant – Bus Accident
Bus failed to yield right of way

$125,000 – Auto Accident

$120,000 – Slip and Fall
Client slipped on a grape in the cosmetic aisle of a big box store

$100,000 – Wrongful arrest for DUI. Bad driving due to glaucoma impairment. Defendant blew a 0.00 and spent 7 hours in jail.

$50,000 – Slip and Fall
Tile was loose in gas station bathroom

Not Guilty via Dismissal – Murder, Possession of Weapon During the Commission of a Violent Crime, and Attempted Murder
Proved a group of men crafted a plan to murder a local man and set client up to be charged with Murder in an attempt to cover up their wrongdoing.

Not Guilty via Dismissal – Attempted Murder
Client was accused of attempted murder when he shot a man in self defense. Proved the alleged victim had a firearm and initiated the use of deadly force.

Not Guilty via Dismissal – Attempted Murder
Confused victim identified wrong person after he was shot in the head with a small caliber weapon.

Not Guilty via Jury – Kidnapping, Burglary 1st, Pointing and Presenting, Assault and Battery 1st

$49,000,000 – Employee Class Action

$48,500,000 – Attorney Preference Class Action

$30,000,000 – Toxic Tort

$12,508,288 – Railroad/Automobile Accident

$9,000,000 – Railroad Crossing Case

$7,000,000 – Unfair Trade Practices

$4,500,000 – Trucking/Auto Accident

$4,350,000 – Breach of Contract

$4,000,000 – Electrocution

$3,750,000 – Explosion

$3,700,000 – Construction Defect

$3,500,000 – Explosion

$3,200,000 – Attorney Preference Class Action

$2,100,000 – Products Liability

$1,550,000 – Credit Life Insurance Class Action

$1,525,000 – Medical Malpractice

$1,500,000 – Products Liability

$1,500,000 – Trucking/Auto Accident

$1,500,000 – Negligent Hiring

$1,500,000 – Products Liability

$1,500,000 – Nursing Home

$1,500,000 – Trucking/Auto Accident

$1,450,000 – Medical Malpractice

$1,250,000 – Trucking/Auto Accident

$1,100,000 – Automobile Accident

$1,000,000 – Construction Defect

$1,000,000 – Automobile Accident

$750,000 – Automobile Accident

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